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I was born and brought up in London suburbs, and went to school in Croydon. I had my first book

published while I was at school (you can find out more about this if you go to my Question & Answer

section) and have been writing ever since.


Once I had had a book published I immediately decided that I was A WRITER, I didn't need any more

education, so instead of going to university I ran away from school saying that I was going to write

books. This upset my headmistress very much. She told me that I was a foolish girl, and washed her

hands of me.


She was quite right, of course: I was foolish. It was three or four years before I had another book

published, and in the meantime, just like anyone else, I had to earn my living. For a while I scrubbed

floors, and waited tables, sold bread in Woolworth's, waltzed in and out of people's offices, did a bit

of nursing, a bit of translating, a bit of cooking ... a bit of just about anything that didn't need any

actual qualification. I then decided that it would be fun to go to drama school, so I took an audition

for the Webber-Douglas, in London, went there for three years, met my partner, Leonard Gregory, who was a fellow student, and finally - at last! - managed to have another book published.


We now live in South London, in a 300-year old house, with a houseful of animals, all rescued. Quite a handful! Below is just a selection of our four-legged house members :-)





























When I am not writing (or cleaning muddy pawprints off the kitchen floor, or putting dogs' toys away, or removing cats from the inside of food cupboards) I like best to listen to music, read books, and go for long walks through the fields.


Well! I think that is probably more than enough autobiography. Thank you for visiting, and I hope you enjoy the rest of this website.

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