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JUST PEACHY is about Peaches McBride, the middle one in a large and exuberant family who all seem to be geniuses – except for Peachy.   She is “Just Peachy”, always overlooked and hardly ever listened to.   If she wants to be heard she’s going to have to find her voice and SHOUT like all the rest of them.



Just Peachy

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“As soon as I opened my eyes, I knew that something was wrong.   Where was Mum?   Why hadn’t she woken us?”


Ruby, Tizz and Sam are sisters.     When Mum disappears they’re left to cope on their own – and it’s up to Ruby to hold things together.    But she’s only twelve!   It doesn’t help that Tizz, who is ten, keeps challenging her authority, while five-year old Sammy is scared and confused and can’t  understand where her mum has gone.  It’s going to be Sammy’s birthday very soon and Ruby desperately wants to give her a good time,  but how can she buy her a present when they haven’t any money?  And how are they going to feed themselves until Mum comes back?    Cos Mum will come back.   Sooner or later.   Won’t she?



Lemonade Sky

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“Everyone seemed to think it was my fault that Rags ate the rissoles. I get the blame for everything! Like when I encouraged one of my best friends to try and trace her birth mother. Mum told me off for interfering. But I wasn’t interfering! I just wanted to help.”


Frankie Foster just can’t resist helping people with their problems. Her help might not always be welcome, she might even cause the odd total disaster, but Frankie always manges to fix things … eventually!

Frankie Foster: Fizzy Pop

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“I didn’t mean to cut a hole in my bedroom carpet ...”


There are so many things Frankie doesn’t actually mean to do!   All she wants is to be helpful, so she jumps at the chance to look after Emilia when Emilia comes to stay for a few weeks while her mum is in hospital.    However, looking after Emilia is not quite as simple as Frankie thinks it would be ...

Frankie Foster: Pick 'N' Mix

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“All I can say is, it wasn’t my fault!   I wasn’t the one that let Rags in from the garden with muddy paws.”


Nothing is ever Frankie’s fault!   Poor Frankie, she means so well.   She really, really wants to help her best friend Skye when Skye is unhappy.  She can’t help it if things sometimes go a bit wrong ...

Frankie Foster: Freaks Out

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Now that Mum’s no longer with us, it’s just me and Mr Pooter. Even though he is only a cat, I know that Mr Pooter loved Mum every bit as much as I did. We both miss her so much …


Things would be easier if I could just stop feeling. If I could freeeeze, like an ice lolly, it mightn’t hurt so much.

Ice Lolly

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Extract From Ice Lolly

So this is it; it’s happening. I’m sitting here between Auntie Ellen and Uncle Mark in this room that’s called a chapel, though it isn’t my idea of what a chapel ought to be. Chapels should be beautiful, I think; this is just plain and ordinary. Maybe that is what you get for not believing. In God, I mean. But you can’t be a hypocrite just for the sake of a stained glass window. You can’t say you believe when you don’t. Not however much you would like to. Mum wouldn’t have wanted me to do that. She used to say, “You have to face up to things, Lol.” So that is what I am doing. I am facing up.

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Sal (Salvatore d’Amato) has one big ambition:  to kiss a girl.  “ And when I say kiss, I mean KISS.   Not just a peck on the cheek. Though as a matter of fact I haven’t even done that.  I’m 12 years old and I haven’t even pecked a girl on the cheek! I am seriously worried that there may be something wrong with me."


The Kissing Game

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